Hunt’s Reward: Komodo Dragon Savors Live Goat, Result of Relentless Pursuit


In the wild with many unique hunting methods, Komodo Dragons are famous for their unique hunting methods and the ability to devour large prey.

Komodo dragons do not have sharp teeth, so they often swallow their prey and digest them easily.

A video recently appeared on social networks is going viral about a great hunt of the Komodo dragon when it defeated a goat.

The new video was posted on June 20 and has garnered nearly 60k views along with a lot of special attention from the audience. The Komodo dragon is said to have tried to attack the goat many days ago and this is his chance to enjoy this wonderful meal.

The goat was discovered screaming with pain in its rear legs, unable to move and seriously injured, the Komodo dragon was always watching and coming to enjoy the meal after many days of waiting.


The goat that couldn’t move could only scream desperately waiting for a miracle to happen. The Komodo dragon quickly finished off the goat by biting the goat’s neck.

The Komodo dragon tried to swallow the goat whole, but failed due to the large size of the goat and it had to move the goat closer to its nest to enjoy the meal with the others.

The video may bring anger to the viewer but it is the natural world and the cameraman cannot interfere with the survival of the animals.


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