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Monkey’s Revenge: Viral Video Shows Hilarious Attack on Chip-Withholding Man.


An angry monkey pulled a person’s hair after he refused to hand over a packet of chips has emerged on social media. The primate drags the man so hard that he falls over on the ground.

There are several hilarious videos of animals on social media. We have constantly witnessed animals surprising human beings with their naughty behaviours. The cute antics of these wild beings are a treat, and these clips rarely fail to bring a smile to our faces while watching them. Many such actions grab social media users’ attention and swiftly go viral on the internet. One such video of a monkey attacking a man has surfaced online.

We all know that monkeys are playful and mischievous animals with a peculiar obsession for food and love snatching it from tourists or shops. Recently, a viral video of a monkey pulling a man’s hair in anger after he refused to give the chips packet has gone viral. A few days ago, a monkey was also noticed consuming liquor at a shop. In comparison, their love for potato chips is not that crazy.


The video starts with a few monkeys sitting around a man in the open. As the man opens the packet of chips, one of the primates tries to snatch the package from him. When the person refuses to hand over the chips packet, one monkey gets frustrated and thinks the man is not giving them the food. The ape also drags the man’s hair so severely that he tumbles on the ground with the chips packet. The monkeys then come near the man and eat chips off the floor, which he tries to feed them. In the video, the man intended to feed the langur, but they couldn’t be patient.

After being shared online, the video accumulated over 61K likes. Netizens found this video hilarious and expressed their emotions with smilies and heart emojis. Take a look.



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