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When would-be robbers use bolt cutters to break into a zoo enclosure, the monkeys fight back, injuring 12 of the animals.


Twelve monkeys have been injured after an attempted abduction at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand.

Thieves broke in to the squirrel monkey enclosure to snatch some of the animals on Saturday morning.

The monkeys fought back against their would-be abductor, who used bolt cutters to get in to the squirrel monkey enclosure.

In premeditated attempt to grab the species, the intruders used bolt cutters to open a door through the Golden Lion Tamarins area.

The zoo thought one monkey had been stolen and pleaded for its return, but it was later found hiding in another species enclosure.

‘We had one that we thought was missing but she was hiding, obviously very scared,’ Wellington Zoo Chief Executive Karen Fifield said, The NZ Herald reported.


One monkey sustained a blood clot in its elbow and another had scratch marks.

‘The monkeys would have definitely bitten the alleged offenders… They would have monkey bites for sure,’ Ms Fifield said.

She said squirrel monkeys are social and would be terrified if they were taken away from their mates.

‘We want to say to whoever tried to do this, this is really just not acceptable and it’s not appropriate to try to take one of these animals,’ she said.

Police are investigating the break-in and the zoo will hold it’s own internal investigation.


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