“Impala’s Guardian Angel: Elephant’s Heroic Stand Against Crocodile”


Elephants have always been the gentlest animals in the wild, with their great strength, they can help other species when in danger.

Amazing video was captured when elephants were trying to save a newborn impala from the hands of a crocodile.

Impala and elephants gather at a waterhole and enjoy the cool waters of the dry season. But they didn’t know that the crocodile was waiting for them there and was about to have dinner.

The crocodile quickly caught a newborn impala and the whole group of impala panicked and ran away from the water hole.

The nearby elephants who witnessed the traumatic scene immediately became enraged and joined the rescue. They jumped into the water and trampled on the crocodile.

The crocodile panicked and let go of the impala, the impala was lucky to escape to shore and the rescue was successful.



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