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“Nature’s Feast: Burmese Pythons Treat Themselves to Caiman Delights”


The Burmese snake is the largest python species on the planet and its stomach can fit many other large and ferocious animals in the wild.

A caiman is no exception, a great video was posted on Youtube and attracted more than 150m views documenting the process of the Burmese python devouring a caiman.

The caiman was quite small and was captured by the Burmese python. The middle python cut off the caiman’s head and started making its meal without killing the caiman.

The tiny caiman was put directly into the python’s mouth and began the process of moving inside. This sight is hard to come by, the caiman was almost still alive during the python’s swallowing process.


After a few minutes with the caiman, the python finished its delicious meal. This amazing video gets tons of great comments on Youtube:

“Waiter: Python ..can I get you a drink to go with that?
Python: Ah yes.. Some Gatorade please!! ”


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