A Taste of Retribution: Lions Ensure the Greedy Crocodile Receives a Lifetime of Suffering for its Ambitions


Crocodiles have always been scary animals both on land and in the water they can willingly crawl ashore and hunt. Crocodiles also do not hesitate to fight with lions on land to steal food.

A crocodile was really reckless when it approached a family of lions enjoying the meat of a buffalo. The buffalo was knocked down by the lion and it is being eaten.

Crocodiles come and frighten the lions, at first there are only cubs and a mother lion. The lion quietly left and waited for help from the other lions.

Lucky crocodile got the meal and quickly ate it. But the lions quickly got help and started demanding their meals back.

Crocodile attacked and lost had to watch the lion enjoy a delicious meal.


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