Witnessing the Extraordinary: Antelope’s Unprecedented Conquest Over Jaguar Amazes Onlookers


The dramatic confrontation between antelope and jaguar was captured by photographer Wim Van Den Heever of Pretoria, South Africa, in early April. Wim shared that he has spent his life searching for this rare sight.

For a moment, the jaguar grabbed the antelope on the ground and I thought the antelope had no chance of survival.

but it said no, it continuously used its long sharp horn to attack the jaguar.

At this time, the leopard has the help of the cubs, but the antelope has strong fighting power, it continuously uses its horns to hit the jaguar, causing it to be thrown high.


The jaguar was now caught between the two horns of the antelope and dragged for a long time, and was injured.

this moment is so happy to see an antelope facing a jaguar win.

The hunt with her jaguar had failed miserably.


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