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Underestimated Resilience: Honey Badger’s Thrilling Showdown with the Blinded Leopard


In nature, not every animal that is large in size, or has a larger number, is sure to win. On the contrary, even small animals can surprise you. The fierce clash between the leopard and the honey badger took place intensely.

The video captures the interesting scene when a leopard struggled for a long time but still could not defeat a smaller honey badger in Africa. Due to the large difference in size with predators, the honey badger is constantly knocked to the ground. Leopards also try to grab a dangerous spot on the prey’s body to quickly knock it down. However, the honey badger did not lie down and endure the battle. It rolled many times, trying to escape the control of the leopard, while using its short but sturdy legs to defend against hunters despite being at a disadvantage. In a brief opening, the leopard let go of its prey, and this set a turning point for the fight.

Surprisingly, the honey badger did not run away like most other hunted people. On the contrary, as soon as it gains control, it suddenly becomes extremely aggressive and reckless. The animal opened its mouth full of teeth, and then rushed forward as if to devour the enemy alive. The advantage of the opponent made the leopard falter. From the initiative, they completely lost their courage, as they constantly had to dodge the honey badger’s retaliatory attacks. After a while of struggling, they seemed to realize that they couldn’t fight the madman. This is both in strength and will, so decided to give up. At this time, the new honey badger calmly left before the surprise of the three hunters.


That’s right, despite the small body, the honey badger is always a tough opponent of the leopard in the video above. Because the honey badger possesses a thick skin that protects itself and is resistant to venom, clashes between this animal and leopards are rare.


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