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The horror when the mongoose climbed up the tree to attack the most venomous snake in the world made the whole snake shocked


Tragic fate happened to a boomslang snake, when it was resting in a tree in Etosha National Park, Namibia, when it was suddenly attacked by a mongoose.

After crawling up the tree, the mongoose jumped onto the boomslang snake’s body, gradually approaching the head of the highly venomous reptile.

The boomslang snake tried to crawl away, while trying to shake and shake off the clinging mongoose from its body.

However, all efforts were unsuccessful, the boomslang snake could not move while the mongoose kept biting its sharp teeth on its head.

Elana Erasmus, a tourist from South Africa, captured the whole scene above, sometimes, boomslang snakes can wrap themselves around the mongoose in a desperate attempt to defend themselves or try to kill the attacker with extremely poisonous bite.


However, the mongoose nullified all these attempts.

According to eyewitness Erasmus, there were several times when the mongoose slipped from a tree, but immediately climbed back up, determined to “kill” the boomslang snake.

After a while of struggling, the boomslang snake was exhausted from his injuries and had to accept to become the food for the cheeky mongoose.




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