The male lion was helpless in the face of the barbaric attack of the hungry hyenas, fortunately his mate came in time and saved him.


This is the moment a male lion and thirty hyenas fought in a six-hour battle in South Africa.
It seems that this male lion has been lost with his pack, alone in the middle of a desolate field, not seeing his teammates.

In this shot, the spotted hyenas are surrounding the male lion, they keep circling around the male lion so he can’t do anything.

but looking very tired and depressed, there is no majesty of the king of the jungle.

The hyenas took turns biting the male lion’s butt, they did not intend to exercise the lion, the lion at this time just protested not too fiercely.

Because the hyena herd is too large, it cannot immediately defeat its prey, biting one hyena, the next ones rush to approach, so it cannot hold it for long.


at this time suddenly a female lion appeared, it seems that the male lion after seeing the female lion has increased many times in strength.

it is more fiercely against the hyenas.

The bed hyenas seemed to sense that the presence of the lioness was not good, so they could not continue to attack. could only stand and watch the two lions.

Thanks to the presence of a mate, the male lion has risen above himself to defeat the hateful hyenas.


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