So brutal, 10 giant komodo dragons attacked and ripped an adult buffalo in just 30 seconds.


Very few filmmakers can capture Komodo dragons hunting. It is the dry season right now. A wild buffalo resting in a cool mud puddle under a tree. The dragons started lurking around, while the buffalo just saw them as troublemakers.

That is a serious mistake. Follow the buffalo but the dragon is scared, a push or kick can cause it to die. It cautiously “gifted” the wild buffalo a slow bite. The bite points to the software, but the other dragons already know. Like sharks, the smell of blood excites them.

The buffalo hobbled away. The dragons seemed to have lost, but they showed special interest in this buffalo. A few days later, the buffalo’s wound had not yet healed. The buffalo is getting weaker. The dragons’ hunting method is working.

Komodo dragons are also venomous like snakes, their bite brings death but it takes several weeks. Three weeks later, the buffalo was very weak. When the buffalo died, the 10 Komodo dragons gathered to enjoy the meal. They have been tired of waiting for weeks to get this result.


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