“Nature’s Hierarchy: Lion’s Reluctant Acceptance of Wildebeest’s Dominance”


To vote for the best fight in the wild, surely the lion and wildebeest will be the two most famous characters because they have devoted countless unexpected and thrilling battles.

Lions always hunt wildebeest but many times lions make mistakes and accept traumatic results against wildebeest.

a wildebeest was trying to run away from a ferocious lion and it w as getting tired as it approached a small waterhole. Wildebeest take a break at the waterhole and start attacking the lion like a real gladiator.


The lion plunges into the fight with the wildebeest, but the wildebeest seems to have become a different person, it fights extremely fiercely.

The lion fights in the waterhole and feels tired and scared before the wildebeest.


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