“Predator’s Dilemma: Lion’s Narrow Escape from the Hundred Crocodile Ambush”


Surviving in the wilderness filled with ferocious predators ready to attack at any moment, will be difficult even for lions.

A recent video captured one such thrilling moment when a lion, stranded on a dead hippo, was surrounded by hungry crocodiles and had to find a way out of the situation.

In the clip, a hippo carcass can be seen floating on the water while a lion stands on top of the corpse. When the camera panned, the water was flooded with about 40 crocodiles surrounding the stranded lion.


The lion is clearly seen stranded on the head of the carcass while just a few meters from the jaws of the crocodile.

The lion then gathered up his courage and dived straight into the water while the crocodile was still ready to attack him. He finally waded across the lake and escaped.

A really scary day for that lion, it takes a real leader to dare to overcome that terrible trap.


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