“Crocodile’s Nightmare: Brutal Consequences of a Risky Food Theft”


In the wild, highly competitive natural world, in order to survive, animals will have to go through countless fierce battles.

As the dominant species of the steppe on land, lions are extremely aggressive when there are trespassers stealing food such as crocodiles in the video below.

After seeing the lions enjoying the “elephant feast”, the crocodile immediately came forward to “make some money”. However, it was this action that put it in an extremely dangerous situation.

Because, the lion did not intend to share the meal with the crocodile, so one of the herd rushed to threaten to let the crocodile leave.


However, the crocodile is very brave before the threat of the lion, it does not leave but intends to attack the lion. Realizing that their fellows are in danger, the two crocodiles also rush to join forces.

Then a fierce battle between 3 lions and a crocodile took place. In front of the overwhelming number, the lion easily defeated the crocodile and caused the crocodile to leave in anger without doing anything.

Finally, the lions returned to the animal carcass and began to enjoy the meal with their fellows.


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