“The Savanna’s Trickster: Baboon’s Bold Food Robbery from Cheetah Duo”


Baboons are famous for their herd discipline and inherent ferocity, which has scared many predators.

Cheats with their small size are often very wary of baboons.

An unexpected confrontation of cheatah and baboons was recorded on Youtube. The cheatahs are trying to hunt a large impala and win, but they have unfortunately invaded the baboons’ territory.

Baboons quickly called out to their fellows and organized an attack. The cheatahs hid and then were discovered, the cheatah quickly ran away and forgot about the prey they had just hunted.


The brave baboon won and the cheatahs with terrifying speed were repeatedly defeated by strong and ferocious animals.

Baboons can also enjoy a meal from the impala that cheatah has bestowed.


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