“Lion’s Desperate Retreat: Facing Overwhelming Odds with 1,000 Buffaloes”


Buffalo and lion always give viewers the most thrilling moments. Only the strongest can win and survive.

A rare moment the buffalo herd challenged the lion king and the result was unexpected.

The lions begin their great hunt trying to hunt adult buffaloes. Anger filled the buffalo’s head and he organized a showdown with the lion.

Buffalo gathered in large numbers and began to surround the lion, the other lions ran away and the lion king was still trying to show his strength.


Very soon the lion king also showed fear and hid in a tall tree. The anger of the buffalo herd could not be quenched and it decided to surround this lion.

The second video shows the lion king’s tragic results when attacked by wild buffaloes. The buffalo only leaves when the lion has received a deadly blow.


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