The Price of Retribution: Crocodiles’ Deadly Attack on Lions Ends in a Tragic Outcome, Claiming Their Lives


Crocodiles are aquatic killers and any animal can die in crocodile territory. Not only that, crocodiles are quite scary when on land.

Crocodile hunting moments are a regular occurrence but a battle with a land lion is a rare one.

This crocodile was overconfident when it was alone fighting with about 4-5 lions.

Crocodiles possess thick skin and extremely scary sharp teeth, but lions know how not to be hurt by crocodiles.


The lion repeatedly attacked from behind and tried to bite the crocodile’s head and area. Crocodiles have to constantly turn backwards to attack the lion.

Crocodiles are also really scary when on land, but this time it encountered too strong a opponent and the crocodile died.


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