“Wild Kingdom Drama: Cameraman’s Unbelievable Crocodile vs. Python Encounter”


This interesting scene was recorded by Katrina Boychew, a woman living in the state of Florida in the Everglades at the end of March.

In the clip, a crocodile is using its strong jaws to grab a Burmese python. The hunter then tosses the prey in the swamp for a while before continuing to eat the meat.

Moore said, the alligator tosses the python to break up the large meal into smaller pieces. “Personally, I have never witnessed such a scene, but the fact that crocodiles eat python meat is not too surprising. Python is an important food in the crocodile’s diet. Depending on the size of each animal, the chance for crocodiles to hunt pythons and pythons to hunt crocodiles is the same,” Moore said.


The Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) is among the six largest snakes in the world, native to many tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. They are very good at swimming and climbing trees.

Burmese pythons use sharp teeth that curve backwards to grab prey, then wrap their bodies and use muscles to squeeze the target. They specialize in hunting birds and small mammals. Occasionally, they have been recorded eating crocodiles.

In the confrontations between crocodiles and Burmese pythons, size plays an important role and most likely determines the outcome. When the two species are young, they are more susceptible to predation. A newly hatched python is no match for an adult alligator and vice versa.



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