“Narrow Escape: Jackal’s Heart-Stopping Encounter with 3 Leopards”


Video shot in the Kruger National Reserve shows a dramatic chase between a jackal after being cornered by a herd of cheetahs and seemingly facing death.

In an attempt to find life, the jackal was constantly struggling, roaring in terror – an action many experts consider both a threat and a plea for life.

Then it decided to turn around and run away. And the leopards are constantly surrounding and using their feet to grab their prey. When it saw its prey flee, the leopards immediately chased, and did not have too much difficulty in this.


Obviously, in terms of both strength and mobility, jackals can’t compete with cheetahs, which are capable of accelerating and finishing their prey at very high speeds.

Fortunately for the jackal, however, the leopards were probably not hungry and had no intention of hunting. Instead, the cheetahs just chased and played, not getting too close, nor intending to finish the poor animal.


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