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“Newborn Elephants in Danger: Mother’s Deadly Stand Against Jackal Predators”


The African wild dog is a carnivore with the strongest bite force of all carnivores in the African savannah and more fearsome.

They can live in large herds of more than 100 individuals to create tremendous pressure on any opponent.

In particular, baby elephants are no exception when they become the target of wild dogs.

Although there are mother elephants and large members of the herd protecting the dogs, they still cling to wait for an opportunity to attack.


Fortunately, the baby elephant finally escaped when it was protected by the mother elephant and the whole herd.

If lost alone, the baby elephant can completely become prey for a pack of aggressive wild dogs, bloodthirsty and fearless of any opponent.

After these 3 elephants caught up with their herd, the African wild herd had to give up the idea.



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