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Call fish a great snake hunter when he kills two snakes alone and enjoys a delicious meal


A spotted-backed keelback (Scientific name is Xenochrophis piscator) – non-venomous snake has caught a catfish in a stream in Kanha National Park, India. However, something unexpected happened after that.

The first is that the prey counterattacks, grabbing the whole head of the predator. In this situation, it is very difficult for the snake to swallow its prey. But the second unexpected thing happened when another keelback snake approached.

This second snake tried to eat the fish from the tail. Both snakes were in a tug-of-war for half an hour with their miserable prey in between. As a result, this second snake was exhausted and fell into the water first, the first snake also abandoned its prey and ran after a few minutes.


The fish struggled on the ground for a while and then fell into the water. It has survived an unbelievable war with two dangerous enemies. If he didn’t fight hard, perhaps this miracle would not have come to him.


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