“One Against a Hundred: Giraffe’s Courageous Fight Ends in Heartbreak”


Lion in the wild is a scary animal, they always try to find a way to hunt large prey and find the most abundant food source for the whole herd.

A giraffe is the biggest and biggest meal that lions dream of having, but to get the meal they want, an extremely fierce battle will have to happen and the lions death did.

The video goes viral on social media of a huge hunt of lions when they decide to hunt a gir affe. The lions consist of about 10 cubs and there is a male leader.


In order to meet the food needs of the whole herd, the lion leader determined to hunt a large prey. Their choice is a giraffe, about 10 lions surround the giraffe and take turns attacking the giraffe’s legs.

The male lion tries to climb onto the giraffe’s back and make a more dangerous bite and to quickly end the fight. The giraffe received many wounds from the lions and gradually became exhausted.

The giraffe was in pain and collapsed under the onslaught of lions and accepted the fact that it would die soon after.

The video shows the audacity of the lions to get a huge meal they are ready to face danger when fighting an animal as large as a giraffe and succeeding beyond expectations.


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