The hyenas invite each other to eat the sick hippo and the end


Reckless and opportunistic, that’s what is said when people talk about hyenas. They won’t pass up any chance to get a bite to eat. And this time too. The hippo had never been a rival to the hippopotamus, but when they discovered the sick hippopotamus lying on the riverbank, they decided to move forward.

The hippopotamus was having major health problems, so severe that it didn’t bother to react while the hyenas tried to tear it apart. Even so, hyenas also have difficulty when the skin of hippos is so thick that they cannot easily achieve their goals. As for the hippo, when it was too much to bear, it tried to go down to the river.


At first, the hyena still followed the hippo into the water, but when the prey entered deeper water, it had to helplessly return to the shore. The hippopotamus lay in one place. Although hyenas can’t do anything to hippos, with the current state of health, hippos are unlikely to survive much longer.




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