“Nature’s Cruel Lesson: Baby Zebra’s Heartbreaking Struggle with Hyena Pack”


In the clip, a zebra is being attacked by a hyena. Instead of standing still and dying, the zebra responded by biting its opponent.

Resented by the prey, the hyena still tries to bite the zebra’s thigh to knock the animal down. However, due to attacking the prey in a disadvantageous position, the hyena was kicked in the body by the prey and then escaped.

A common animal in Africa, hyenas are an important part of most of its ecosystem. Possessing very strong jaws helps them become fearsome predators, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, wild buffalo…

The sly hyenas have long been branded as cowards and scavengers. In fact, they are powerful predators, not only picking up carcasses, but also regularly hunting and killing prey within their range.


Meanwhile, the zebra is not an easy prey because in addition to the ability to run fast, the zebra also possesses an extremely scary rear kick that even lions have to chill. Although they do not run as fast as horses, they have great endurance and good adaptability.

When cornered, zebras can kill enemies with a fast, powerful kick that causes the opponent to break their jaws and die. Its bite is extremely savage and the zebra also possesses extremely fast dodging reflexes that help it escape being caught by the noose.


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