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The best actor in the animal world: The “zombie” snake specializes in pretending to be dead, and knows how to spit blood like a palm film!


If there is a film festival dedicated to animals, this snake will definitely win the throne, because it is the number 2 dead speaker, no one can be number 1.

Everyone knows the trick of “faking death” of many animals, which is considered a survival strategy in the wild. Usually only gentle and weak species act like this, but it’s strange how in the world there is a species of snake that fakes its death, but writhes and smells like the real thing!

It is a pig-nosed snake that lives in the Americas, also known as the Hognose snake or zombie snake. The name of the pig’s nose is not because of its unusually large snout, it’s just a little upturned like Tru Bat Gioi!

Pig-nosed snakes can be about 1.2 meters long with dark brown, yellow or black scales. They are distributed in the eastern United States from Florida to New England and parts of southern Canada. The main food of the pig-nosed snake is frogs, salamanders, birds and small mammals. Its appearance is also normal like many other snakes, in the mouth there are no fangs with venom, but the personality is quite “eel”.

Normally, pig-nosed snakes are also quite cute, but many people easily mistake them for venomous snakes because their gills can open at any time they want.

Although it is a predator, the Hognose pig-nosed snake has a rather “cowardly” disposition. God did not give it a venomous weapon, so when they were in danger, they played a game… fell dead! No matter what the threat is, just touching this stupid snake will writhe and convulse as if beaten, raise its stomach, lie still, then open its mouth and stick out its tongue to the enemy mistakenly believe that “a pig’s nose” This is dead!”

If there is an Oscar in the animal world, 100% of Hognose snakes will immediately snatch the golden statue, because in addition to the visual trick, they also emit a stench like a corpse, to humans when they witness the scene. Their fake death must also be defeated. Although people put their hands all over the body, the pig-nosed “baby Na” still endured lying still and opened her mouth to look unspeakably ugly. Particularly in some rare cases that have been recorded, this non-poisonous reptile even holds its breath or spits out blood, so devoted to the game of pretending to die!

When the sense of danger is no longer lurking around, it will jump up and quickly run away. However, it is not always successful, if they meet “enemies” or refuse to leave, the pig-nosed snakes will continue to perform other extremely bizarre moves. That is, inhaling air, bulging the skin around the head of the neck to disguise it as a cobra, and then hissing loudly as a message to the enemy: “I am a fierce snake, stay away!”.

The defense instinct of the pig-nosed snake can be considered unique in the natural world, because some other species such as frogs, fish or goats cannot “act” like it. It’s the same move to fake death, but the frogs can only lie still, and the Hognose snake will do all the steps from struggling and convulsing to smelling like a decomposing zombie. If they are bored, they will wake up, that’s why people call them zombie snakes.

Oh yes, this “pha-ke” is so scary. We humans have already discovered those cunning tricks, if you meet us, you don’t need to turn your back on it!


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