Lightning Response: Mother Buffalo’s Kick Diverts Lion’s Attack on Her Calf


Benson Nashula was leading a tour through Olkeju Rongai, Kenya, on March 2, when he came across a newborn buffalo surrounded by lions.

The touching footage shows the wild buffalo chasing the lions away from its young cub. However, due to the large number of lions, the buffalo alone cannot resist the hunters. As a result, the calf was dragged away by a lioness.

Then, one of the male lions jumped on the back of the mother buffalo and used his strength to knock the prey to the ground. At the same time, the remaining lionesses attacked, making the mother buffalo unable to resist.

Benson said: “I know this is the law of nature but the buffalo fought bravely. It had just given birth when the lions attacked. In total, it took 30 minutes for them to overwhelm the mother buffalo.”


Lions are known to be the most feared predator in the savannah of Africa. Their primary prey is other mammals, especially medium to large ungulates.

Thanks to their superior strength, plus possessing sharp teeth and claws, they can defeat many other animals for food. The fastest way to kill prey that African lions often use is to attack the respiratory system of the prey, bite or tear the throat.

In fact, buffalo is not an easy creature to bully in Africa. If a lion hunts alone and subjectively, it is completely possible to be seriously injured, even die. Therefore, when hunting wild buffalo, lions often follow the herd, choosing the lone, or weakest one to be easily slaughtered.



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