“A Battle of Titans: Hippo’s Heroic Act Thwarts the Crocodile God’s Grip”


The amazing video was captured in South Africa’s Kruger Park by pensioner Mervyn Van Wyk, 72, who was visiting the park with his wife Tokkie.

This is the moment a pair of hippos stop the crocodile from killing the wildebeest.

He said: “As we approached the dam we noted that blue wildebeest, zebras and impalas were happily grazing on the opposite side.

We happened to notice that an unlucky wildebeest had been bitten by a crocodile on its right hind hoof.

At this time, the wildebeest used all its strength to drag the crocodile to the shore, because the crocodile on land it could not bring out its full strength.


The two sides struggled for up to 10 minutes, at this time we see that the wildebeest is also exhausted.

and was dragged back to the lake by the crocodile.

What we couldn’t think of, at this moment, suddenly, two hippos appeared.

Hippo stood watching for a while, then made a decision to stop the crocodile from attacking its prey.

This scene is very rare, not everyone can capture this happy moment.

Thanks to the help of hippos, the wildebeest escaped death before the sharp teeth of the crocodile.



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