“Lasting Resistance: Buffalo’s Unyielding Defense Against the Lions”


An interesting video was taken by tourists while traveling at the maasai mara reserve, kenya. The moment 3 lions attack a wild buffalo is scary.

Looking at the situation with the buffalo’s injuries, I guess the attack took place before, the unlucky buffalo was tortured and bitten by 3 hungry lions.

Although the buffalo has strong health and sharp horns, the lions have the advantage of numbers, so they easily defeat the buffalo.


When the buffalo did not have the strength to stand, the 3 lions took turns to bite, 1 buffalo bit the nose and the other 2 bit the stomach.

After many hours of trying to fight off the 3 lions, the buffalo had no strength left to fight and fell to the ground despite the 3 lions’ torment.

Thus, the large buffalo became a delicious meal for the three female lions.


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