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Despite the danger and venom of snakes, cats rush to attack snakes like a true warrior that makes everyone admire


Indian rock pythons are pythons about 3½ adult length and hunting nature chasing prey, is it safe for kittens to keep an eye on pythons?

An Indian rock python (scientific name: Python olurus) has quietly approached a pack of kittens swaying in the caʋe, the young kittens have become its target. However, the mother cat stopped right in front of the cave. With extremely sharp senses, sensing danger and the mother cat immediately calls for help.

The mother cat slowly approached the rock python’s position, opening her mouth wide to prepare to attack to protect the endangered kittens. 4 fierce eyes looked at each other, the mother cat used her paw to “smash” in the face, making the rock python feel dizzy. The python got angry and chased the mother cat away. It still didn’t give up on the delicious kittens in front of its eyes. More and more it goes deeper and deeper into the burrow to eat kittens.


In an emergency, a resident who was in danger immediately snatched the giant python’s tail and “thrown” it into the forest, then carried the mother and cat to another safer place to escape enemy look.

The African rock python is the largest snake on the continent. This giant python is extremely strong and aggressive, ready to attack large prey that moves in front of its eyes, including humans. This giant python is extremely aggressive and often destroys prey by squeezing and swallowing. They are considered predatory and very aggressive. They often attack humans.

Every year there are hundreds of records of rock pythons attacking people and there are also many cases of swallowing 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, including adults.


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