“In the Balance of Life and Death: Lion’s Opportune Moment with Buffalo Duo”


The wild world will definitely scare you and cry for hours if you first witness the miserable footage takes place here.

Trips to explore the wild world more and more and great movies are also born.

A lion has just found a delicious meal from the newborn buffalo in the womb. The video is spreading and hurting many people.

The Lion organizes a large hunting of many healthy males and it wants a hearty meal for the whole herd. A pregnant buffalo was quickly arrested.

The pregnant buffalo knew that he would die and were trying to give birth, but the fate was decided and it died before giving birth successfully.


A male lion quickly discovered the newborn buffalo and helped the mother buffalo to give birth successfully. But the newborn buffalo also becomes a lion’s meal and the lion moves the young buffalo to another position is probably for young lions at home.

The sacred motherhood, but the young buffalo could not survive and the wild world always surprised you in the most natural way. The mother buffalo later became the food of the Lion.


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