“Last Breath Heroics: Zebra’s Thrilling Struggle to Defeat Lion’s Predatory Intent”


On the African savanna, the lions are kings, and their prides exert primal authority over the lesser beasts. Yet, sometimes, their authority is challenged. When a lioness attempts to take down a zebra, the zebra decides he isn’t going down without a fight.

From the start, the outlook appears grim for the zebra. As the lioness bites into the zebra’s neck to crush his windpipe and sever his major arteries, the zebra appears doomed and helpless. However, as the zebra meanders into the nearby river, the cards begin to change hands.

The zebra heads into deeper water and pushes the lioness underwater. But the lioness, undeterred by the water and unwilling to surrender her prize, hangs on tight.

The zebra then pushes the lioness deeper, and during a brief struggle, he eventually forces the lioness’s head completely underwater.


Realizing the zebra isn’t worth drowning for, the lioness releases her grip, and the zebra runs away.

The lioness attempts to chase the zebra down, but it’s too late. The zebra get away, alive and well, and the lioness must hunker down and wait for her next meal.

Watch the entire event unfold in the video below. Bear in mind, the video quality is no greater than footage captured using a potato, but it’s still a rare and captivating sequence. This is definitely not something you see everyday!

The amazing video has garnered more than 37m views along with countless comments from the audience, more than 11k people have left their opinions on this amazing video.


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