“Zebras Unite: Thrilling Victory as Zebra’s Kick Crushes Lion Threat”


Zebras have always been a large and easily defeated prey of lions, they provide large amounts of food for the lions. But to get a meal from the meat of a zebra, a lion below has to pay quite a price, perhaps with its life.

A lion hunts a zebra and the fight is not as expected of the lion, this fight deserves to be the most exciting battle.

The lion bit the zebra’s neck and it can be seen that the zebra has suffered a lot of pain that the lion brings. The zebra tries to run to a waterhole where it can regain the victory and not have to fall to the lion.


The fight is now really fierce, the lion is afraid of the water hole and tries to kill the zebra quickly. Zebras now also have a chance to attack the lion.

The zebra used his feet and kicked the lion into the mud and tried to drown the lion in the water, the decisive actions of the zebra made the lion gradually lose his advantage and found it difficult to breathe in this fight.

The lion failed when it was submerged in the mud and had to accept defeat, the zebra quickly escaped. The lion then also exhausted and died soon after.


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