“God’s Blessing: Empowered Gazelle Faces Off with Horned Cheetah in Epic Clash”


In the animal world, there is no shortage of situations where the prey seems to have been defeated by the hunter, but somehow turned the game around and regained the victory. This is probably when their survival instincts wake up.

In a video posted on the National Geographic YouTube channel, an adult Gazelle can be seen being surrounded by a female leopard and two cubs as they hunt in the savanna.

With speed, the cheetah quickly caught up and caught the antelope trying to run away. Two cubs also immediately joined in to help the mother take down the prey.

In one segment, the antelope seems to have received a “death sentence” after being fatally bitten by a leopard in the neck, then using its body to swing up, to pull the prey down.

However, it can be seen that the cheetah still lacks the strength and endurance to bring down the prey. Meanwhile, with toughness and fierce resistance, the antelope put strength, pushed the leopard down to the ground, then used its sharp horns to ram the enemy.

The antelope’s sharp horns seem to have pierced the mother’s skin and breastbone, damaging the vital internal organs.

Getting a fatal blow, the leopard let go of its prey, and watched it run away in regret. However, right now, the leopard has one more worry that is its very serious injury after the fight, causing it to face the death penalty, because it cannot continue to hunt, as a harsh law of nature. .


The cheetah, also known as the cheetah, lives mainly in the savannahs of Africa and parts of southwestern Asia such as Iran.

Cheetahs live most in Namibia, southern Africa. Namibia is the country with the most cheetahs, with about 3,000, accounting for a quarter of the total number of cheetahs in the world.

Currently, the remaining cheetahs are the fastest creatures alive on the face of the earth. They can run at a speed of 113 km / h, even up to 120 km / h, allowing them to approach their prey in a split second.

The African cheetah not only uses speed and agility when hunting, but also uses intelligence to judge the escape route of different types of prey.

However, due to relatively weak muscle strength, plus the bite force is not as strong as a lion or leopard, cheetahs often have difficulty in finishing their prey, especially large herbivores. such as antelope, wildebeest, wild buffalo…



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