Horrifying! Hyenas teamed up to attack leopard brutal to steal prey and the tragic ending for both


In the wild, hyenas are ferocious carnivores, they have a hobby of stealing the prey of other animals, including species such as lions, wild dogs, leopards, …

After winning delicious food from two cheetahs, the two hyenas quickly “joined the party” despite the fact that their prey is still alive.

Thanks to their outstanding speed and excellent coordination ability, the two cheetahs easily caught an impala after only a few minutes of pursuit.

However, when they could not kill their prey, the two leopards encountered big trouble. It is about being attacked by two hyenas to steal the bait.


Although the number is the same, hyenas are much stronger than cheetahs. Therefore, 2 big cats were forced to give up their bait to escape.

After that, the two hyenas quickly tore the Impala’s body despite the fact that the prey was still alive.

It is known that this scene was recorded by Alistair Leuner while visiting the Manyeleti Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.


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