“In a Brave Move, Zebras Confront Crocodiles in Their Hazardous Territory”


Crocodiles are an extremely aggressive and scary animal, they don’t take long to find their prey and just lie down and wait, the prey will be brought to their mouths, but there will be food or not. must rely on the intelligence of these lucky hunters.

The crocodile’s job is very simple, just ambush and submerge the prey underwater and then enjoy the best meal.

But not every meal is easy for alligators. Zebras are alligators’ daily meals and this time was the exception, a zebra almost knocked down a herd of crocodiles to escape.

The herd of zebras crossed the river one after another and came face to face with an alligator, a black zebra being caught and unable to escape. The zebra immediately attacked, it threw strong kicks to the back and tried to hurt the crocodile.


Crocodile received a painful blow and frenzied revenge, it bit the zebra’s leg and began to spin, the single zebra whirled after the crocodile.

Then a series of attacks on other crocodiles, leaving many wounds on the zebra. An amazing moment happened when the zebra tried his best and overcame 3 crocodiles and was free to run away.

But zebras have many next gates and continue to be captured and then pitied as food for hungry crocodiles.


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