“When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Secretary Bird’s Ruthless Chase of the Cornered Leopard”


Although they are also cold-blooded animals in Africa, when faced with too aggressive opponents like secretaries, they have absolutely no resistance. In the war between the secretary bird and the jackal, who is the winner?

This amazing sight was recorded in Africa when a curious jackal approached the secretary bird. Birds are known as mischievous because of their unique and extremely powerful way of hunting. Obviously, despite possessing superior cunning and quick reflexes, the hungry jackal has no chance when dealing with enemies up to 1.3 meters tall. The aggressive bird constantly took advantage of its height advantage to surround the dog, leaving it with no way to move. It even launched a powerful blow to the head of the jackal. At this time, the jackal took a painful beating and appeared stunned and then ran away.

The bird didn’t give chase, but just glanced at it with a look of satisfaction with the victory it had just achieved and then walked away. The secretary bird is a large bird of prey, mainly living on the ground. It is endemic to Africa, commonly found in grasslands and wooded savannas in sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike other birds that often hunt with aerial dives, secretary birds hunt while walking or running. Its kick is 5-6 times stronger than the body weight of this bird, and is considered the strongest kick in the animal world.


Thus, although possessing the same strength as a lion, the wild dog is afraid of the secretary bird when it receives consecutive fatal blows on its body. The short video that has been recorded has attracted more than 3.4 million views and 310 comments capturing a rare moment of Africa’s most notorious bird of prey.


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