“Turn of Events: Crocodile’s Attack Backfires as Buffalo Crushes It”


Crocodiles have always been the most dangerous animals in rivers, all wild animals to be terrified of when faced with them.

In fact, wild buffaloes are not afraid of crocodiles and have won many battles with crocodiles.

A video was recorded when buffaloes were taking a dip in the river and were suddenly attacked by an adult crocodile.

The buffaloes started screaming and ran up to the shore, the unlucky buffalo was bitten on the nose and the crocodile tried to drown it in the water.


But this is a fairly shallow water compared to the buffalo and it quickly used its strength to pull the crocodile ashore. The other buffaloes did not rush to help their friends knowing that everything was fine.

Crocodile struggled with buffalo and not strong enough to fight, it gave up and returned to the river.

The buffalo was also only slightly injured and was fine after a very gentle fight with the crocodile.


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