Hunting buffalo and the most tragic hunt in the history of crocodiles when savagely attacked by buffalos


It was an afternoon of driving when we approached a dam with a herd of drinking buffalo. We spotted a 5 meter long alligator walking towards the buffalo without a doubt.

The crocodile approached carefully the buffaloes drinking water nearby, the buffalo still did not detect its presence.

At this time, the crocodile is not in a hurry to attack the prey, but it lies still and waits for the best time to attack.

The crocodile watched for a long time and, having found a suitable prey for him, jumped out of the water and grabbed the buffalo’s mouth.

The buffalo at this time also protested fiercely, it dragged the thick crocodile ashore away from the lake.

When the crocodiles are no longer in the water, it will not be able to promote their hunting power.

At this time, suddenly there was a buffalo beside it that had a move to help teammates, just knocked the crocodile’s head, had to let go of the prey and returned to his lake.

this time the crocodile failed miserably, that’s what we wanted, so happy that the buffalo was rescued thanks to


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