Stealthy Evasion: Giant Anteater Slips Through Jaguar’s Claws Unscathed


Despite sneaking after the anteater from the bushes and patiently waiting for an opportunity to attack while the giant anteater was drinking water, the jaguar eventually let the prey go easily.

A muscular male jaguar is in a ready-to-attack position right behind the ant bear. At this time, the ant bear did not know that a dangerous person appeared behind.

However, not understanding what happened to the jaguar, the jaguar finally let the prey go away easily.

The giant anteater is sometimes part of the jaguar’s diet, but in the Pantanal it is an occasional prey item. Instead, the jaguar that lives in this vast wetland prefers prey such as the caiman. “This jaguar may have had a full stomach, and was just curious about the giant anteater.


In addition, the anteater has very strong teeth, 10-long claws that can easily puncture the opponent’s abdomen, causing death for the attacker.


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