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Tenacious Triumph: Dog Escapes from Python’s Mighty Coil in a Ferocious Showdown


A stray dog ​​goes toe-to-toe with a large python in Sri Lanka, and the ending is amazing!

When you first see the picture, you’ll think that it’s Photoshopped. But when you watch the video, you’ll quickly realize it’s the real thing.

Nature is a brutal place, even in areas of the world where people live everyday.

It never looked like that dog had a chance from the beginning, even when it almost got loose the first time.

When the dog seemed to escape, the big snake was right back on it. When the dog finally does get away, you can see the wound where the snake used its fangs to hold it down.


The problem for most people is they see only a pet, and forget that a large, predatory reptile has to catch and eat something to survive.

This video has spread all over social networking sites and attracted the attention of tens of millions of viewers around the world. Everyone thanked God that the dog was lucky to escape death.


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