“Fierce Predation: Hyena’s Unyielding Quest to Capture a Tiny Antelope”


Predators are always the ones who seize the best opportunities for hunting and risk their lives to carry out the most difficult tasks.

a hyena has made the most difficult hunt of its life when confronted by two extremely ferocious antelopes.

The hyena is trying a newborn antelope without knowing it is about to fight the most ferocious antelope in this land.

2 antelope sensed danger and continuously attacked the hyena to protect its young. With long and sharp horns, the antelopes constantly rush and use its horns to attack the hyena.


The hyena is not afraid but calmly dodges the attacks and tries to kill the newborn antelope as soon as possible. The hyena was also hit and was quite painful but still managed to complete the hunt.

Finally, with stubbornness, the hyena succeeded in killing the poor newborn antelope and enjoyed a sumptuous feast.


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