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“Bold Encounter: Black Snake’s Lion Confrontation Ends in an Unexpected Twist”


A black mamba snake does not hesitate to attack a lion.

Black Mamba snakes are the most common and feared snake in Africa, local people even refer to their bite as a ‘kiss of death’.
An amazing sight when a black mamba snake lunges at a lion lying on the ground, seemingly dead.

It h as never been mentioned before, but in this case, the black mamba snake is very hungry and it is looking for prey.


It’s not a bad idea to attack a lying still lion, the black mamba immediately strikes with a venom-filled bite, and then it even begins to try to swallow the prey, all Of course, it is impossible to swallow a lion with a huge size compared to it.

The black mamba snake’s food is small mammals, reptiles, birds, sometimes it also attacks large animals like the case of the lion above.



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