Crocodile Carnage: Astonishing Moments as Predators Hunt Their Brethren


Crocodiles have always been the most cruel animals in the wild and they can eat their fellow humans to make sure their stomachs don’t go hungry.

But they have many ways to do it, a full video of a crocodile hunt by crocodiles is going viral.

Are you curious how crocodiles hunt crocodiles?

The video is posted on Youtube, the footage is shot from afar, there are great sounds and emotions of the videographer creating realism and drama for this amazing video.

A crocodile was spotted in the distance and was trying to see something at the fence, the cameraman didn’t know what it was going to do.

The crocodile began to crawl closer and hide under the grass, then the smaller crocodile was discovered to be the crocodile’s target. Crocodiles speed up to hunt, the prey also runs away but cannot escape.


The crocodile bites its prey’s tail and initiates a climactic acrobatics to end the prey’s life. It wants to make the tail of the little crocodile leave its body.

The large crocodile rolled quickly into the water and quickly ended the hunt. The videographer was surprised and shocked by this rare scene, the incident was so unexpected and the crocodile’s hunting style is also very special.


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