“A Test of Resilience: Buffalo’s Jaw Under Attack by an Evil Crocodile – Can it Overcome the Odds?”


This incredible scene was recorded by a tourist in Mabula, South Africa.

Due to being absorbed in drinking water, an adult wild buffalo was suddenly attacked by a crocodile. After delivering a big bite to the buffalo’s face, the crocodile dragged the victim into the river and drowned it.

Although the buffalo used strength to drag and shake vigorously, the crocodile still refused to let go.

Finally, when the buffalo was no longer able to resist, the crocodile began to enjoy his meal. Witnessing the scene of their fellow victims in front of their eyes, the buffalo herd could only watch but could not help.


Crocodiles are ambush hunters, they wait for fish or land animals to approach, then attack quickly. At short distances crocodiles are very agile, especially when in the water. In addition, they also have extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth to tear prey.


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