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“Survival of the Fittest: Burmese Pythons Overstep, Become Crocodile’s Meal”


A confrontation between a Burmese python and a crocodile will always be the most interesting confrontation.

Burmese snakes can digest prey much larger than their body weight. Crocodiles are actually very rarely defeated by pythons. A fierce battle broke out:

Initially, the python had an unwanted encounter with the crocodile in the lagoon.

The American short-snouted crocodile immediately rushed back to attack after discovering the Burmese python broke into its territory.


Crocodiles don’t take too much effort to take down their prey. The incident happened in the tropical Everglades wetlands, in the southern state of Florida, USA.

Due to its smaller size, weight and strength, the python quickly lost and was killed by the crocodile.


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