Costly Assumption: Lions’ Ill-Fated Belief in Defeating Rhinos with Ease


The lion has always been a reckless animal because its strength and hunting ability is the king of all species. But fighting with two adult rhinos can seem overwhelming and a male lion in a recent video risked his life to do it.

The new video was posted on Youtube on May 26 and is going viral. The lion family was trying to find a good meal and the male lion caught a newborn impala but it was too small.

The lion plays with the newborn impala next to 2 adult rhinos and then lets the cubs eat the impala. Male lions want a big meal.

The lion family decided to surround the 2 rhinos and join a big battle with the rhinos. The female lions surrounded and attacked the rhino, while the male lions stood watching from the outside.


Rhinos are extremely alert and attack the lions. The lionesses were gradually defeated by the rhinoceros and had to retreat.

The male lion has just joined the fight, he walks around the rhino and waits for an opportunity to attack.

After being driven away, the male lion decides to take revenge by chasing and attacking a rhinoceros from behind. But that was all the lions could do and the lions had to starve.



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