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Parental Heroism: Bird’s Audacious Stand Against the Malevolent Snake for Baby’s Survival


The wild world is full of surprises and even boundless grief, if one day you return home and your children are gone forever, it will surely be the darkest day of your life.

In the wild, it happens often and birds always have to face that pain after each breeding season.

A crested bird is happily looking for food for the young birds in the nest, just a few more days before they can learn to fly and feed themselves.

A very short time when the mother bird leaves the nest, tragedy occurs. A snake crept up and started targeting the young birds. It quickly captures the pitiful young birds to its stomach despite the painful cries of the little birds.


The mother bird also returned in time when there were still 2 young birds in the nest, but the snake still ignored it and continued its work, it continued to capture 2 more young birds in its belly and then ambushed there to capture the mother bird.

Realizing that it could not get any more food, the snake took the initiative to leave in the pain of the mother bird.


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