“Clash of Titans: Buffalo’s Epic Confrontation with 10 Mighty Lions”


Buffalo and lion are great enemies of each other, lion always wants a meal from buffalo meat and buffalo is also the animal that makes lions lose the most in survival battles.

The fascinating hunting moment below is a great fight of buffalo and lion next to a water hole and the buffalo did everything to stay alive.

The buffalo was surrounded by 10 lions and it quickly ran into the water to defend. A bravest lion enters the water for a 1 vs 1 fight with the buffalo.


The buffalo soon suffered several wounds on its body and cried out in pain, but it still refused to give up.

After resting and keeping strength, the buffalo decided to attack. The buffalo climbs ashore and finds the bravest lions to fight it.

The lions were frightened by the wild buffalo’s bravery and all ran away.

Wild buffalo survive amazingly thanks to bravery.


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