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Macaques show why they are the happiest creatures in the animal kingdom with a series of grinning selfies


Some animals are famously camera shy but these black crested macaques love the attention almost as much as Kim Kardashian.

British photographer Anup Shah took these hilarious pictures during a trip to Tangkoko National Park on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

He said: ‘These pictures were taken over a period of four weeks and at no time did the monkeys tire of interacting.’

Mr Shah, who lives in Wiltshire, said: ‘The monkeys were very curious and would come within touching distance. I felt a connection with the monkeys as we share curiosity.’


Black crested macaques are well-known for their love of the limelight and in 2014 one of them triggered a legal battle when he took a selfie on nature photographer David Slater’s camera. Mr Slater sued a website for copyright when it cheekily claimed the macaque owned the copyright because he had operated the camera.



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