“Unforgiving Hunt: Angry Hyena’s Attack Ends in Newborn Leopard’s Painful Demise”


The wild world always creates surprises and sometimes bad things will constantly happen. A mother leopard lost her cub to a hyena one bad day.

The mother leopard was chased by a male leopard and she had to hide her cubs in a discreet tree and run away from the male leopard. But the hyena reappeared.

The hyena suddenly attacked and the leopard had to flee to a high tree. But the noise woke the cubs and was discovered by the hyenas.


The hyena quickly steals a cub and runs away. The mother leopard could not do anything else and had to stay at home to protect her remaining child.

A bad day for the leopard mother when she loses her baby. And hyenas only get an undeserved snack. This is probably the saddest image today.


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